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we found the right people

Clarity Retail was founded in 2015 in West Chester, Ohio. Like many successful companies, co-founder Jim Gavigan was lucky enough to have a caring and patient partner who allowed him to take over their family garage for fulfillment. 

We have since grown into a full-service, design-build agency partner.

Our focus is in the production of fixtures, displays, and graphics that enable

our customers to more properly tell their story.

Thankfully, Clarity outgrew their original location and Carrie got her garage back.

we make it simple, but significant

For more than two decades, we have supported world-class companies in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant marketplaces. Along the way, we earned a reputation, standing side-by-side with our clients, helping them achieve amazing things.


How do they describe us? 

​creative. resourceful. reliable.

Working for others, we learned what works and what doesn’t. So, we founded Clarity to combine the flexibility of a startup, with best practices learned from the industry’s leaders. Our approach is to make you the hero, because we know that

when you win, we win.

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Jim Gavigan

Lance Madden

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